synaptic hypermodern modalities
if you think you understand you are misunderstanding
all that is > mystery
what you think you know, you actually believe
keep the faith
expand the context
embrace the mystery
it gets good when it stops making sense
words are dead
the past is silent
the future is silent
the wordless speaks
material is
nowe (v, n) : the act of consciousness occurring in perpetuity
you more than are
you are
and are again
and are again
feel it
more than material
emergent meta-matter
temporal engagement
the world is yours
nowe is yours
reality channelled
take hold and listen
to what is more than known
seek it
the fundamental connection
your source
at the heart of unknowing
at the height of being
nothing less can satisfy
don't expect to see it
when you can feel it
don't expect to understand it
when you can channel it
know the difference
between yourself and your tools
between cause and effect
take responsibility